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ProFootballTalk: Headlines and Hot Takes from the NFL (December 7, 2023)

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Injury Report: Concerns Grow for Key Players

  • Mahomes and Beathard Battling Injuries: Both Patrick Mahomes and C.J. Beathard are nursing injuries, raising questions about their availability for upcoming games.
  • Dalton Schultz Returns to Practice: Tight end Dalton Schultz is back on the practice field after a brief absence due to injury.
  • Zach Wilson Denies Reluctance to Play: Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has denied reports that he was hesitant to return to the field this season.
  • Justin Fields Unfazed by Uncertain Future: Bears quarterback Justin Fields remains focused on the present despite uncertainty surrounding his future with the team.

Off-Field Drama: Jaguars Employee Accused of Embezzlement

A former Jaguars employee stands accused of stealing over $22 million from the team. This scandal has rocked the organization and raised questions about financial controls.

Beckham’s Reunion: Odell Ready to Lead the Ravens

Odell Beckham Jr. is set to make his Ravens debut this weekend. He will be a team captain and is eager to contribute on the field.

Social Media Spats: Adams Doubles Down, Carr Creates Controversy

  • Jamal Adams has doubled down on his social media feud with a Jets reporter, further escalating the situation.
  • David Carr has sparked controversy with his comments suggesting the Eagles should bench Jalen Hurts for Marcus Mariota.

PFT Podcast Roundup: Stay Informed and Entertained

  • PFT PM Podcast: Tune in for the latest news, rumors, and analysis from Mike Florio and Chris Simms.
  • PFT Live Podcast: Join Mike Florio and guests for lively discussions and in-depth interviews.
  • On Our Way Home: Get the inside scoop on the day’s biggest NFL stories with Mike Florio and Peter King.


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A: ProFootballTalk is your one-stop shop for all things NFL! We have a website, podcast network, and social media channels that are constantly updated with the latest information.

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A: ProFootballTalk has dedicated sections for each NFL team. You can find news, rumors, and analysis specific to your team on our website.

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A: ProFootballTalk offers a variety of podcasts that cover every aspect of the game. Our flagship podcasts include PFT PM, PFT Live, and On Our Way Home.

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